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I don’t use the word racist indiscriminately, but that’s what we have here. There have been many videos online and broadcast in the past week or two of bigots and racists at McCain/Palin rallies. Nothing I’ve seen compares with this. Shame on every one of them.

It’s news footage from Al-Jazeera and the irony is not lost on me that many in the Arab and Muslim worlds hate Americans as thoroughly as some of these Ohioans hate them — and blacks. One man isn’t shy with the N word and Al-Jazeera does not bleep it out.

White sheets and hoods must be selling well where this video was shot.


After the confetti is swept and the champagne bottles are tossed a more sober reality will take hold. Not just that her net gain of delegates this week will be, at most, in the single digits. But worse. There is no plausible scenario in which Clinton can win the nomination. At least not democratically.

That’s from Marc Cooper’s assessment of HillaryClinton’s wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island last night. Writing in the Huffington Post, Cooper succinctly concludes she can not be the Democrats’ nominee because she has fewer delegates than Obama and will continue to, unless she wins all future contests by at least a 20% margin and persuades enough superdelegates go her way.

That opinion is taken one step further by Jonathan Alter in Newsweek. Alter has been clicking away at Slate’s Delegate Calculator. He says even if the DNC allows do-overs of those naughty primaries in Florida and Michigan and even if she wins big, she would not be likely to capture enough delegates to win the nomination.

Not democratically.

In The New York Times, Patrick Healy sums it up: “She needs to use Tuesday night to persuade superdelegates — the hundreds of party leaders who have a vote on the nomination — to stop abandoning her. Or, at least, stop long enough for Mrs. Clinton to damage him [Obama] with a line of attack, goad him into a colossal gaffe (or watch him make one on his own) or rely on the media to unearth a campaign-altering scandal about him.”

And she needs to tidy up her own house, aptly described in today’s Washington Post as a “campaign mired in debt and riven by dissension.”

The Post quotes Democratic strategist Jim Jordan, who iniitally ran John Kerry’s 2004 campaign. “Her durability is impressive if not astonishing, but she is still looking at some pretty cold, hard numbers in the race. She’s running out of time, she’s running out of space.”

He called the liklihood of Hillary getting the nomination, even with her wins in Ohio and Texas, as “impossible, really.”

Wed. update: Now that Texas caucuses have finally been counted and reported, it appears Hillary’s net gain for delegates yesterday was 8.

Hillary Clinton today sounds like someone who’s either seen encouraging internal polling or early exit poll results. She said in Houston this morning, “You know, this is a long process,” and that her campaign is just hitting its stride.

Just a few weeks ago her husband said she’d need to win both Texas and Ohio to continue.

Obama’s campaign quickly responded with a statement from a spokesman. “Three weeks ago, when they led polls in Texas and Ohio by 20 points, the Clinton campaign set their own test for today’s primaries.”

But Obama might have the same information Hillary does; the spokesman set low expectations for the Illinois senator and said only that he will maintain his delegate lead.

If you plug in the numbers at’s delegate calculator, you can see how it’s nearly impossible for Clinton to prevail.

Some of the superdelegates are already breaking for Obama. If they coalesce around him, perhaps as early as tomorrow, they could be the ones to decide the nomination.


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