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After 21 months, we’re almost there, just a few hours away from election day. As Senator Obama says, “We’ve come so far. We’ve come so close.”

He’s put together a special video with highlights of the journey and you can watch it on his site.

If you’re still unsure where to vote, you can find out here, also en espanol. If you live in New Hampshire and haven’t registered, you can do so at your polling place.


Politicians often say one thing and believe or do another. It comes with the territory. But John McCain’s hypocrisy in his desperation to become president is breathtaking, even for a politician. And his running mate is no better.

“My friends,” he keeps saying, without giving many of us any reason to want to be his friend. Consider this fun video “My Friends, the Musical” and enjoy it while watching one example after another of the Republican hypocrisy we’re being asked to swallow this time around. Thanks, but no thanks, Senator.

Here’s Barack Obama’s special broadcast, if you missed it tonight. It’s the first time in 16 years a candidate has bought prime time on multiple networks for a broadcast this long.

Barack Obama said Friday morning his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, is gravely ill and might not live until election day. He’s been with her in Hawaii, where he was born, leaving the campaigning to Joe Biden, Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

So how did the Repubican ticket make the most of a day without the front-runner on the scene? As Rachel Maddow put it, they had a cringe-inducing day, like pimples on prom night. This six-minute clip shows why Maddow is cable’s rising star; her ratings have doubled in one month.

I don’t use the word racist indiscriminately, but that’s what we have here. There have been many videos online and broadcast in the past week or two of bigots and racists at McCain/Palin rallies. Nothing I’ve seen compares with this. Shame on every one of them.

It’s news footage from Al-Jazeera and the irony is not lost on me that many in the Arab and Muslim worlds hate Americans as thoroughly as some of these Ohioans hate them — and blacks. One man isn’t shy with the N word and Al-Jazeera does not bleep it out.

White sheets and hoods must be selling well where this video was shot.

See it here first. This is a new video and I’d say it’s hilarious if so much of it weren’t depressingly true. Palindrones will hate it, politically-dumb people won’t get it. We “elites” will love it. Aren’t we awful?

Hats off MistressOfTheWeb for Palin and the Chipmunks.

CROSSPOSTED FROM FOODPLUSPOLITICS.COM Ed Rollins, who led Republican Ronald Reagan to a 49-state re-election win in 1984, says the race is over for John McCain and predicts Barack Obama will win in a landslide.

On CNN, Rollins told Anderson Cooper the GOP’s fear and smear campaign against Obama isn’t working and that it’s too late for McCain to make up lost ground on the economy, the issue most people except the rabid Republican base want to hear about. Obama “has met the threshhold,” of leadership he said, recalling 1980 when Americans wanted to get rid of Jimmy Carter and did, once Reagan met that threshhold.

Rollins also sees the potential for enormous Republican losses in Congress, especially in the Senate, predicting the possibility of losing enough seats to give Democrats a filibuster-proof majority. He said McCain has to give his party something to run on, needs to think about his legacy.

Only Murdoch’s Fox “News” would notice, let alone be upset enough about Newsweek’s cover to devote a couple minutes to it, complete with talking heads. The problem? Former beauty pageant contestant Sarah Palin is on the cover unretouched, with the sort of face every 40+ woman has without the benefit of a scalpel, a syringe or Photoshop.

Not surprisingly, Fox thinks Newsweek is showing favoritism toward Obama.

The Obama campaign’s new ad.

They “report”, they decide.

Murdoch’s Fox News Channel never ceases to amaze. If anyone has any doubt about the right-wing bias of that channel — and I know there are some who insist it’s fair and balanced, but they’re probably not open to watching this and considering another opinion — just watch this clip. It’s from a stand-upper in Pennsylvania, where a Fox reporter asked for a show of hands for McCain and Barack Obama.

Listen for the fair and balanced “reporter’s” use of the word split and for chuckles, watch the lady in the back who slaps down the guy’s arm.

Hat tip to NewsHounds.

Gondoliers for Obama! This is seriously wonderful and wonderfully fun from one of my favorite cities on earth, Venice. As it turns out, Barry has at least two fans there, and one is very vocal. Enjoy this.

Oh, dear. Was it a Freudian slip or is she confused about who is at the top of the ticket? Now it’s Palin-McCain? That’s how she put it during a campaign speech today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not very diplomatic, even for someone with nearly non-existent experience in foreign affairs and diplomacy.

You can find the video at AMERICAblog and thanks to Seth at fastblogit for the revamped graphic.

Barack Obama today is releasing a two-minute television spot about the economy and what he would do to fix it if elected president. No flashy pictures or voice-overs. No McCain-style pandering or assuming we are idiots to be led — or misled — by a clever ad. It’s just Obama talking to us in plain English. Adult to adult.

I’ve been critical of Sarah Palin and her shortcomings, as I perceive them, so perhaps it’s time to show what a good vice presidential candidate does on the campaign trail. Unlike Palin, Barack Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, is allowed to appear alone and he did earlier this week in St. Louis.

It wasn’t bad enough that when Sarah Palin finally, finally took a few questions, she explained that mysterious foreign policy expertise that she has because Alaska’s next to Russia this way:

GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

But then when Charlie Gibson asked her about the Bush Doctrine, he must have felt like a schoolteacher. In addition to her painful, embarrassing ignorance, do note her “spunky” first reply, her words and tone of voice, as if she thought she had this one nailed.

Note: There’s an extremely high load on this video tonight and it might buffer a bit.


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