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FROM FOODPLUSPOLITICS.COM: It’s not just the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it’s the end of the beginning of Barack Obama’s campaign, moving to a new phase that stops all thoughts of Hillary’s inevitability.

The End of the Beginning


It is a cliche to call the Teamsters Union the “powerful” Teamsters Union, but if there is power in numbers, the cliche is appropriate. The union has 1.4 million members and has just endorsed Barack Obama.

Teamsters President James Hoffa says there was “very, very strong support” for Barry. The Teamsters, according to Hoffa, have 17,000 members in Texas and 60,000 in Ohio. Both states’ primaries are March 4 and both are must-wins for Hillary Clinton if she is to remain a viable candidate.

More information about the endorsement is here.  The Teamsters site is here.

And Hoffa’s dad is still missing, 33 years and counting.


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