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I don’t use the word racist indiscriminately, but that’s what we have here. There have been many videos online and broadcast in the past week or two of bigots and racists at McCain/Palin rallies. Nothing I’ve seen compares with this. Shame on every one of them.

It’s news footage from Al-Jazeera and the irony is not lost on me that many in the Arab and Muslim worlds hate Americans as thoroughly as some of these Ohioans hate them — and blacks. One man isn’t shy with the N word and Al-Jazeera does not bleep it out.

White sheets and hoods must be selling well where this video was shot.


Only Murdoch’s Fox “News” would notice, let alone be upset enough about Newsweek’s cover to devote a couple minutes to it, complete with talking heads. The problem? Former beauty pageant contestant Sarah Palin is on the cover unretouched, with the sort of face every 40+ woman has without the benefit of a scalpel, a syringe or Photoshop.

Not surprisingly, Fox thinks Newsweek is showing favoritism toward Obama.

They “report”, they decide.

Murdoch’s Fox News Channel never ceases to amaze. If anyone has any doubt about the right-wing bias of that channel — and I know there are some who insist it’s fair and balanced, but they’re probably not open to watching this and considering another opinion — just watch this clip. It’s from a stand-upper in Pennsylvania, where a Fox reporter asked for a show of hands for McCain and Barack Obama.

Listen for the fair and balanced “reporter’s” use of the word split and for chuckles, watch the lady in the back who slaps down the guy’s arm.

Hat tip to NewsHounds.

After her dismal display of readiness for the vice presidency during her interviews with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, Sarah Palin has decided to sit down for what amounts to a do-over with a certified friendly questioner, the conservative and wildly partisan Sean Hannity of Murdoch’s Fox News Channel.

The New York Times says Hannity, a talk show host and not a journalist by any stretch of the imagination, will interview Palin next week.

Palin has been roundly criticized today in the print media and online for her  performance with Gibson,  especially her lack of knowledge about the Bush Doctrine. She seemed never to have heard of it, prompting NPR to call it “squirm-inducing” and I called it “painful” and “embarrassing.”

You can watch that excerpt on this blog at She’s Ready to be VP?

It wasn’t bad enough that when Sarah Palin finally, finally took a few questions, she explained that mysterious foreign policy expertise that she has because Alaska’s next to Russia this way:

GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

But then when Charlie Gibson asked her about the Bush Doctrine, he must have felt like a schoolteacher. In addition to her painful, embarrassing ignorance, do note her “spunky” first reply, her words and tone of voice, as if she thought she had this one nailed.

Note: There’s an extremely high load on this video tonight and it might buffer a bit.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is keeping count. On Hardball last night, he presented a tally of the minimum number of times Sarah Palin has told her misleading story about that bridge she supported before she opposed it.

It’s not Meet the Press, but Sarah Palin will be interviewed later this week by cozy, avuncular Charlie Gibson of ABC’s Good Morning America. ABC says the interview will take place in Alaska.

The McCain campaign’s refusal to make Palin available was a subject this morning on all three Sunday political talk shows — and all three other major candidates were on those programs. But on Fox, McCain’s campaign manager said she would not face tough questions until “the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

Deference? Let’s turn to

def·er·ence       def-er-uhns] 
1. respectful submission or yielding to the judgment, opinion, will, etc., of another.
2. respectful or courteous regard: in deference to his wishes.

Well, given Gibson’s history of softball questions, perhaps it’s the right word after all. At least it’s something, albeit in the face of growing criticism. Maybe he’ll surprise us.


1. to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness. 
2. to come upon or discover suddenly and unexpectedly. 
3. to make an unexpected assault on (an unprepared army, fort, person, etc.). 
4. to elicit or bring out suddenly and without warning: to surprise the facts from the witness. 
5. to lead or bring unawares, as into doing something not intended: to surprise a witness into telling the truth.

No, not Jeb. Governor Tom Ridge had a slip of the tongue last night while talking with NBC’s Tom Brokaw at the Republican National Convention. It’s understandable why ….

Hat tip to Jedreport.

CROSS-POSTED FROM  FOODPLUSPOLITICS.COM: NBC News confirms reports that Tim Russert has died. He was 58.

He suffered a heart attack at NBC News in Washington, where he was the bureau chief and long-time host of Meet the Press. The network hasn’t made available further details. Update: NBC now says he collapsed and “was striken.”

In 2008, Time Magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Last month, after Barack Obama’s easy win in North Carolina and near-victory in Indiana, Russert rocked the political world by pronouncing the real contest was over:

He’s survived by his widow, writer Maureen Orth, and a son, Luke.


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