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You know an ad is over the top when it prompts a New York Times editorial  called A Shameful, Ugly Ad:

Manipulative. Shameful. Race-baiting. Those are the only words to describe a new television ad from the Republican Party running in North Carolina that attacks Senator Barack Obama as “too extreme” for the state.

John McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, has condemned the ad and demanded North Carolina Republican leaders pull it off the air, which they have not done. In fact, their website has been soliciting donations to keep it on the air.

The ad is built around the racist “God damn America” rhetoric of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but as The Times points out:

But that’s not what this ad is about. The assertion that Mr. Obama is “just too extreme for North Carolina” is a clear bid to stir bigotry in a Southern state. The ad’s claim that its target is actually two Democratic gubernatorial candidates who endorsed Mr. Obama is ludicrous.

The editorial also says, “Unless Mr. McCain quickly gets control of his party, we fear there will be worse to come.”

So. Do. We. 



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